Milling Machine

High-Precision 5-Axis Milling Machine Optimized for Modelless Prosthetics

OneMill 5X

  • Simultaneous 5-axis dry disc type milling machine from single to full arch cases
  • 5µm processing/repetition accuracy enables creating stable modelless prosthetics
  • 3-way air blow system easily eliminates dusts inside both prostheses and equipment
  • Front LED Display checks the progress of prosthesis fabrication in real-time

High Precision 4-Axis Milling Machine for a One Day Prosthetic Procedure

OneMill 4X

4-Axis Wet Block Type Milling Machine Optimized for Manufacturing 2 or Less Inlays, Veneers and Crowns

  • 20 minute processing for Zr Crown, 30 minute processing for Ceramic Inlay
  • Indications: Crown & Bridge, Inlay, Onlay, Veneer
  • Materials: Glass ceramic, Zirconia, PMHA, Hybrid ceramic, Wax (block type only)

Seamless and Convenient Use by Interlocking with 3Shape Trios – CAD SW (Design Studio)

  • Only domestically manufactured milling machine to interlock with 3Shape TRIOS-CAD SW and Trusted Connection

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OneMill 5x & 4x OneMill 5X & 4X – 07.2020