Convenient digital screw-retained Implant prosthesis solution

TS Multi Ti Base

  • Perfect Passive Fit in a totally edentulous case
  • Powder free-scannable metal Scan Body
  • Full line up for various clinical environments
  • Convenient digital workflows with official libraries

Faster acquisition of digital implant impression without impression coping

TS Scan Body

  • The digital impression as an alternative to the impression coping
  • Faster and more convenient scanning with a design optimized for intraoral scanning
  • Easy connecting in correct position in the posterior teeth region owing to a dedicated carrier configuration

Accurate and convenient process to produce digital implant working models

Digital Lab Analog

  • Lab analog for 3D printing work model for digital implant prosthesis
  • Accurately reproduces implant’s direction and depth in the working model with only scan file
  • Stably fixed without rotation or separation in the prosthesis manufacturing process

Scan Healing Abutment As It Is

Scan Healing Abutment

  • Combining Healing Abutment and Scan Body function
  • Secure stable soft tissue by placing final prosthesis immediately after separating healing abutment
  • Comfortable posterior and accurate insertion with use of specialized carrier

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Item File name Download
Multi Ti Base (TS) Multi Ti Base – 2022
New Scan Body (TS) New Scan Body – 2022
Digital Lab Analog (TS) Digital Lab Analog – 2022
Scan Healing Abutment Scan Healing Abutment